Eradicate poverty through strategic programs. We focus on providing livelihood opportunities, vocational training, and essential resources to underprivileged individuals and communities. Our multifaceted approach encompasses the establishment of schools, learning centers, and vocational training programs, ensuring access to quality education and equipping individuals with the skills necessary for meaningful employment.


Where every individual has the tools and resources to rise above poverty, where education is a beacon of empowerment, and where communities thrive with sustainable practices. SHIVALOPI FOUNDATION envisions a future where gender-based discrimination is eradicated, and every woman is empowered to fulfill her potential.


Creating pathways to economic independence. Establishing schools, learning centers, and vocational training programs. Ensuring quality healthcare for underserved communities .Raising awareness and implementing projects for environmental sustainability. Addressing gender-based discrimination, promoting women's rights, and supporting survivors of gender-based violence.


United in our mission to uplift lives and create enduring change, our holistic approach intertwines awareness campaigns, skill-building programs, and advocacy efforts. As architects of an equitable society, we strive to empower women to participate fully and thrive. Join hands with us, be a part of the transformative journey, and contribute to building a better, more inclusive world.